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Kim Soo-huyn chụp mặt nạ con hổ để thu hút Park Eun Bin | Kim Soo Hyun Dons a Tiger Mask to Confess to Park Eun Bin


Kim Soo Hyun Dons a Tiger Mask to Confess to Park Eun Bin
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Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that fans are upset that "Dream High" is now officially over, but Kim Soo Hyun's CF from last July has resurfaced and is garnering a lot of attention.

The CF is from July 2010 for Lotte's beverage "When lacking 2%." Kim Soo Hyun can be seen racking his brain while trying out figure out how to confess his feelings for a girl, who happens to be the same girl who gave Taecyeon a peck on the cheek in the last episode of "Dream High", Park Eun Bin. In an attempt to remain incognito, Kim Soo Hyun puts on a tiger mask when he expresses his feelings.

Netizens have jokingly commented,"What about Hyemi," "Song Sam Dong is so cool," and "It's so cute."

Check out the full CF!

Source: Donga via Naver

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