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[MV][Fan-made][Dream High] Going Crazy, Let Me Go by kimsoohyunsmallville


Title: Going Crazy, Let me go - Release: 1stApril2011
Editor: kimsoohyun-smallville
Theme Film: Dream High
Character: Song Sam Dong (Kim Soo-hyun)/ Goo Hye Mi (Suzy::MissA)/
Theme Song: Are you crazy (mp3| mv)
Performed by: MOA & RAINTSOM


About this MV:  

This is love story of Song Sam Dong (the boy) and Goo Hye Mi (the girl). They didn't love each other at the first sight, it's only Song Sam Dong to be the one who went in love first without asking the girl's love in return. After they had been through so many time practicing together at school, living together at the same house (with their teacher | don't think of too-much-close-nite-behavior when they live in the same place :)) | - they are cute and pure students) the girl step by step realized her truly love. Even though, they still had been through so many struggle to get to their "bus kiss" (especially the boy - who had to watch the one he deeply in love with, kissed an other guy, right in front of his eyes and he could do nothing at that time but to be shocked and broken down). This kiss is said to be the kiss of a love-begin and also of a goodbye word. After kiss, the boy went to American to achieved his dream to become the 1st artist in the world and the girl stayed in Korea, continued to practice singing and dancing to reach the top rank in Kpop. 7 year later from the day we kiss (2018) both are successful in their career, both think of each other but they still being far away in distance from each other. The girl sings for the boy the song which she says that "this song is for a person who walks alone and lonely in his way of becoming a famous star".

This MV raises in my mind a question for the end of Dream High. Is that really a happy ending for these two youth? As the lyric of the MV goes: "Let's take our final bow, let's end this here and now", I ask myself if in 2018 how will they end their relationship, is that "I loved you once you know/ but that was long ago/
What we had back then has faded away" ??? And both just keep them in their mind as an unforgettable, sparkle memories???

About the theme song for this MV:
When I was surfing around on Youtube 3 days ago I found this interesting clip: - When I read the comments bellow I found out that this song is cover version of a Korean song, original from Ji Eun and Bang Yong Guk. But because I don't understand Korean a lot so for me this English ver is more attrctive, also MoA's voice is strong and fits this English version so well.
About the lyric, I note u guys that for the Right English Grammar it should be "I wanna cry no more" or "I don't want to cry anymore" instead of "I don't wanna cry no more". And the lyric which is written in the description box of gimmesomemoa, is missing 2 words in the rap part: "my girl" to match what her friend is raping. It's should be: No my girl, not gonna want you runnin' from me/ No my girl, not gonna love nobody but me. ^^

Hope you guy like my vid. I'm studying about Sony Vega 10. So if there is any thing u feel uncomfortable when watching my vids, tell me, that's a way help me improve my editing MV skills.

I use LadyHikari96's MV and re-arrange scene's order and cut some other scenes from Dream High concert and from Dream High OST Official MV.

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Kim Soo Hyun là con một trong nhà, nếu có thể, bạn có muốn anh ấy có chị/ em gái không? - He is the only child in his family, if it could happened, would you like him to have a sister?
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YES - But i's not really importance to me if she younger or older than him
KHÔNG - Tôi chỉ muốn anh ý cứ mãi là con một như thế!
NO - Not at all, I want him to be the only child!
KHÔNG - Tôi muôn anh ý có Em trai
NO - I want him to have Younger Brother(s)
KHÔNG - Tôi muốn anh ý có Anh trai
NO - I want him to have Older Brother(s)
KHÔNG - Tôi ghét bọn con gái nhõng nhẽo. Miễn cứ là con trai là được. Không quan trọng là anh trai hay em trai của Kim Soo-huyn. Như vậy thêm được một oppa đẹp zai, diễn hay, hát tốt, nhảy giỏi nữa vào tầm ngắm ;))
NO - I don't feeling well with girls always playing around my oppa. I just like boys so what ever Younger/ Older they are, I can accept all! More than that, because they are in a family, so they will all be handsome, kute, act great, sing beautifully, dance well - Maybe another Idol in my dream ;))=))