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Dream High’s Kim Soo-Hyun Was Nervous Amongst Idols

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The young 23-year-old actor, Kim Soo-hyun, recently had two interviews with Osen and My Daily, in which he talked about “Dream High,” working with idols, and his ideal type of girl. Would it happen to include co-stars IU or Suzy?Even up until “Dream High,” the actor gained recognition playing juvenile characters, namely the young version of Go Soo‘s character in “Will It Snow for Christmas?” and also for Park Sang-min‘s character in “Giant.”

However, in “Dream High” Kim Soo-hyun showed off his ability as an actor in a leading role, with fans identifying the fresh-faced actor as a “star.” Even amongst idol stars, Kim Soo-hyun was found to shine brightly.
“Popularity? You can’t even compare to the past. Just walking around, people recognize me, ‘It’s Song Sam-dong.’ Gaining popularity is good and all, but it’s also scary. I guess I just have to do better than that.”
Kim Soo-hyun got more from “Dream High” than just popularity. Working with idol stars, IU, Suzy, Taecyeon, Wooyoung, and Eun-jung, the actor gained a sincere camaraderie with this co-stars. Though it was difficult at first to mix well with the idol stars, after a few months of working together, they were all able to share a close friendship.
“At first, it was scary. It seemed like I should just leave [the group]. Amongst a group of idol stars, because I was the odd man out, it was like I didn’t even exist. ‘I could just be buried by them,’ I was worried and felt a lot of burdens. But, that useless and vain worry was quickly broken. They all really opened up to me, and we mutually bonded, and I was accepted into the group. I really liked that we naturally bonded like that. As I’m the same age as Taecyeon and Eun-jung, we were able to become really comfortable without any hesitation, and I also quickly became close to my dongsaengs Suzy, IU, and Woo-young. Though they are all quite young, we got along like old friends. If just one of them would laugh and be excited, we would all start being excited about filming, as though we didn’t know it was hard. The drama is over now, but even now, we all keep in contact and stay close. Between us, we say “We’re one family,’ but I really do get the feeling of family with these friends.”

Different from the singers, Kim Soo-hyun really had to start from scratch and learn step-by-step, while practicing dancing and singing. The young actor really showed his diligence, having to work harder than the others in order to come off as talented in the musical performing arts.
“I always enjoyed singing with a lot of interest. Before entering the drama, I trained in the JYP practice room for over 3 months. Because I’ve never done dancing before, it was that much harder. In relation to dancing, no one told me anything, but I was becoming disheartened on my own. I was surprised by how daunting it is to perform [dance]. At that time, Taecyeon and Woo-young really helped me  a lot. They’re friends I’m really thankful for.”
Kim Soo-hyun also recorded for the “Dream High” OST “Dreaming,” which is still high on music charts.
“It seems like people like ‘Dreaming’ more for the meaning of the song rather than my singing ability. It’s really amazing to me that a lot of people helped me to come out with a song while doing ‘Dream High.’ I had the thought, ‘Ah, so this is what it’s like to be a singer,’ and really liked that feeling. A singer? Doing activities as a ‘singer’ scares me a lot. In the future, as time goes on, I’m not sure how things with turn out. More than becoming a singer, I want to sing for events for the ‘Dream High’ OST and things like that.”
Kim Soo-hyun’s character Song Sam-dong had many sides, singing and dancing well, waiting for Hye-mi, while dealing with his own personal problems that arose throughout the story, the young actor really showed a high quality of acting.
“When I act, I really want to come off as a ‘person.’ It’s that I want to give real feeling in acting. In order to have real-emotion acting, when I have time, I want to have a lot of life experience, because in order to act at that level, life experience is important. I want to become an actor that people have confidence can give good acting and gain support [by doing so]. With ‘Dream High,’ it seems like I gained an excellent stepping stone, so I’m happy. Real-emotion acting and giving that kind of role, with that I could really live happily. In the future, I will try to continue to keep to that quality.”
We look forward to seeing more real-emotion acting from Kim Soo-hyun in the future.

The Osen interview also had more to uncover about this young actor.
During the filming of “Dream High,” Kim Soo-hyun always avoiding answering the question, “Amongst the female idols in the cast, who would you choose as your ideal type?” Perhaps he can answer that question now that filming has finished…
“Haha, if you’re asking that kind of question, then in spring, I like Eun-jung. In summer, I like Suzy, and in fall, I like IU… I would answer in that way. Now… it’s hard to say, because ‘Dream High’ will be released in Japan, and I have to go to promotions with them and sing with them.. If it’s like that then I probably won’t have any more work coming to me from JYP as a producer… Haha. As it’s like that, I like Miss A the best!”
Q: You seem to have a bold and cheerful personality. Have you given any thought to doing variety programs?
“It seems that the variety shows would be approaching the ‘real person’ Kim Soo-hyun, not acting. In front of fans, not acting but showing the real Kim Soo-hyun makes me feel uneasy and honestly frightened. I’m still uncertain [about doing variety programs].”

Q: There’s a lot of talk that you’re getting a lot of offers these days. What will you do next?
“When I think of that on my own, I think I’m in a vague time. I’m not quite like a little boy, and not like a man either. It feels like I’m at that boundary. I want to do a role that fits this kind of time. Now to me, this adolescent period of not a boy not a man, is the most fascinating. A character that can deliver the highest amount of that kind of charm would be nice.”
Q: And, in “Dream High” Song Sam-dong is kind of a child-like character, compared to his age.
“True. I heard that on the outside, the face is young but the voice at first shows some age… Personally, I came into conflicts with that kind of half-n-half feeling but now I like it. Sam-dong also is like that. If you look at it in a way, he was innocent and a little stupid, but at certain moments, he was quite manly.”
Kim Soo-hyun seems ready to become a mature actor, but hopefully we can see him in more “Sam-dong” type roles in the future.

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