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[REVIEW][Collect] Few opinion about Dream High Drama | Một số đánh giá/ cảm nhận về bộ phim Dream High

Dream High - Dramabites's Review
A satisfying end to a completely satisfying drama. The thing I loved about this show was that It gave me exactly what I wanted, while I admit this show played by the rules, it still managed to keep it fresh. Dream High is the prefect example of how wonderful a drama can turn out to be if you stick to the classic drama formula but still inject bits of heart and whit into the mix.The plot itself wasn’t unpredictable but it did keep me on the edge of my seat. Not just waiting till the revelation of ‘K’ but also because from the beginning of the drama we were rooted with each character as they traveled on the roads to success.
The acting: I know this drama was receiving a lot of criticism because of its acting. However I loved how it took one of the worst actress (Suzy) and turned it into a way for not only her as and actress but for her character to grow as well. By the end of the last episode not only had I fallen in love with ‘Go Hye Mi’ but I was also able to see Suzy grow as an actress. My hat goes off to Eunjung who played Yoon Baek Hee, or villain of the drama. I use the word villain cautiously. Because while many viewed her as the ‘villain’ of the drama, her character who probably one of the most enjoyable ones to watch. Her character learned, succeeded, failed, got back up, and in the end was able to find happiness and learned to be content with herself. Taecyeon, I thought was very suited for his role. Although I was a little iffy about his acting earlier on, as the drama progressed I was able to see the charm in not only him as an actor, but his character Jin Guk as well. IU and Wooyoung were also very suited for their roles. For me personally, they acted as a separate side story. Their character’s development was not as complex as the others and while IU’s character underwent physical change her character’s personality didn’t differ much. However I did thoroughly enjoy their love story. Kim Soo Hyun was the only non-idol actor in this drama and wow did he impress. Sam Dong was my favorite character in this story. Many times during Kim Soo Hyun’s parts I would forget I was just watching a show and loose myself in his acting.
The plot: Being a high school student myself I usually enjoy stories in a high school setting. In this drama especially I felt as though I could relate to many of the problems that the character’s faced. Underneath all the dance battles and sing offs Dream High was basically about discovering your dream and working passionately to achieve that dream. And while obstacles will arise ‘all we need to do is cross it, then those obstacles will become a bridge.’
All in all I am a huge fan of this drama and it’s ending. It gave us satisfying resolutions to the immediate questions; Sam Dong is ‘K’ and he finally got Hye Mi’s heart and an epic bus chase that he oh so deserved- but still left us with and open ending. I also loved how the final episode was as much about Hye Mi as it was about Sam Dong. Her love and her willingness to put his dreams before her anything else is what makes him ‘K’. In turn ‘K’ was not only Sam Dong but both of them, she was the music and he was the dream.
I love how everyone succeeded in their own way. And that not all of them had to be pop stars and that their futures are still left to be written. It’s neat, but not sealed: it speaks to fulfilling their dreams, but leaves the road ahead of them, and not behind.
So let’s all Dream High! Now and in the future ^_^

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Kim Soo Hyun là con một trong nhà, nếu có thể, bạn có muốn anh ấy có chị/ em gái không? - He is the only child in his family, if it could happened, would you like him to have a sister?
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NO - I don't feeling well with girls always playing around my oppa. I just like boys so what ever Younger/ Older they are, I can accept all! More than that, because they are in a family, so they will all be handsome, kute, act great, sing beautifully, dance well - Maybe another Idol in my dream ;))=))