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Kim Soo-hyun, idol no more

Kim Soo-hyun was a hot property before Dream High, but after it, his star has positively skyrocketed. There’s no doubt that attempts to snag him for upcoming projects will be aggressive as everyone wants to claim the newly minted star for their own, whether it be new dramas, movies, or CF deals.
According to his management company Keyeast, Kim Soo-hyun is currently courting around ten offers for new roles. Of those, he’s got one movie and one drama that he’s seriously looking at, which are in the process of being negotiated.

One thing he won’t be doing, however, is pursuing singing, although he has been approached with multiple recording offers as well. His rep stated that he has decided to put those offers aside and focus on his acting for now, although the option is on the table to consider recording projects at a later date.
Singing is a talent he’d kept quiet until this latest project, and with which he astonished fans. (Honestly, at first I wondered if he’d been dubbed over by a pro, he was that good — better, even, than some of the cast’s idol singers, I thought.) And with his vocal chops, Kim Soo-hyun is one case where I don’t think attempting a side project in music would be off-base. A lot of times the actor-to-singer jump feels like a vanity project more than anything, but he’s got the pipes.
On the other hand, Kim’s also fiercely talented as an actor, and even before Dream Highmade him popular, he’d been gradually making a name for himself as one of the next generation’s brightest new talents. He had small roles in Jungle Fish and Kimchi Cheese Smile, then really made a splash playing Go Soo’s childhood counterpart in Will It Snow For Christmas, where he was absolutely riveting as an intense, smart, and pained youth.
He shone even brighter in the short drama Father’s House (opposite acting heavyweight Choi Min-soo), playing the beloved young son who was raised by a single dad, whose absent mother returns in his teen years. And Giant was the role that solidified his status as a Serious Actor in the making. This kid is IT. (Okay, technically he’s no kid at age 23, but he’s just so wonderful at conveying his characters’ youthful hopes and disappointments that it’s easy to forget he’s out of his teens.)
So given the choices, I’m certainly all for seeing him acting in another drama right away, and would much prefer that to an album or single. (Although imma be greedy and say that there’s no reason we can’t have both… Oh, all right, except for maybe the boy would like to sleep once in a while, I suppose. *sighs ungratefully*)
Kim Soo-hyun – “Dreaming” from the Dream High OST [ Download ]

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