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Dream High Reveals 'K'

Dream High Reveals 'K' [Spoiler]
After teasing us for weeks Dream High aired its last episode and revealed the secret behind 'K'.
Before you keep on reading be careful because there are a lot of spoilers.
We preciously wondered Who was Dream High's K and the answer is finally here.
On the first episode they introduced a world famous Korean singer under the name of K who just won a Grammy. This person studied at Kirin and possessed the special lucky pendant. The picture showed the six leads of the drama and then we went back to the past to know what happened.
At the beginning of the drama Yoon Baek Hee (Eun Jung), was the first one to hold the pendant.
She later passed it to Go Hye Mi (Suzy), because according to Baek Hee, she was the one who needed it back then.
After Hye Mi was able to solve the problems with herself and turn into a better singer she gave it to Song Sam Dong (Kim Soo Hyun), who was currently going trough a difficult situation after realizing his hearing problems.
Sam Dong was able to overcome his sickness and found a way to sing live without problems. It is the time for Jin Gook / Hyun Shi-hyuk (Taecyeon) to keep it close to him. While trying to protect Baek Hee he was accused for using violence but thanks to the pendant he continued with his dreams.
Later the K pendant fall into a box and its destiny was still unsolved.
The next one to hold it was Hye Mi once again when she had to decide between her old and new dream, opting for the last one.
The final episode solved all the interrogations after the debut of the group 'Dream High' and their auditions. We only see them perform in front of the judjes and once again go back to time the drama started. Pil Suk and Jason are still together and Baek Hee became a teacher at the school. Jin Gook became a star under White Entertainment Company. We go back to the past and see Hye Mi and Sam Dong arguing because he does not want to leave to America on his own but at the end he takes his final decision and leaves becoming 'K'.
Hye Mi also turned into a singer and we see Sam Dong performing as 'K'. The last scenes show how Hye Mi gave the pendant to Sam Dong and share their first kiss.

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