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Kim Soo-hyun signs on as Dream High’s lead

October 26, 2010 

Kim Soo-hyun
 is the first cast member to be confirmed for KBS’s upcoming Dream High, and although I wasn’t interested at all in Yonsama’s pet project, with such a talented rising young actor attached, it has shot up considerably on my radar.
Set in an arts high school and centering around students with musical and dance talents, the drama has attracted a lot of speculation about the idol stars who are sure to be cast, particularly with the kpop connection. (The KBS drama is a joint venture between Bae Yong-joon and pop producer Park Jin-young.)
You may have heard earlier this week that 2PM’s Taecyeon (who made his acting debut inCinderella’s Sister) and T-ara’s Eun-jung (of drama Coffee House) were said to have been cast. However, producers have refuted those rumors, stating that they are only two possible contenders out of a pool of idol stars but that “they are not under any special consideration. Casting is not yet decided.”
Aside from Kim, that is. He’ll play a character named Song Sam-dong, whose childhood dream was to own his own farm. However, after falling head over heels for the female lead, he follows her to the arts high school, where he discovers his own hidden talent for music and begins his path to becoming a star.
According to a representative with the drama, they’d kept their eye on Kim Soo-hyun early on after he’d made a splash with several noteworthy performances — he made quite an impression playing the young Go Soo role in the SBS melodrama Will It Snow For Christmas?, drew more praise in the heartfelt short drama Father’s House, and again in SBS’s Giant. The rep said, “He has natural acting skills and a musical sensibility, and we look forward to seeing good things from him in the drama.”
The show seemed to hit a few setbacks in its pre-production stages that delayed its plans — I’ve been hearing about this series for ages but never with any movement — but it looks like they’re getting going now. I suppose it’s no surprise that Kim has been cast, since he’s managed by Yonsama’s own company, but even without the connection he’s a solid pick with impressive acting chops and wonderful intensity. Definitely one to watch!
Dream High is scheduled for a January 3 premiere and a 16-episode run.
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