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Kim Soo Hyun performs “Dreaming”

[Spoiler: Dream High] Kim Soo Hyun performs “Dreaming”

On the February 15th episode of “Dream High,” ‘Sam Dong’ made everyone’s hearts flutter when he performed his emotive song, “Dreaming” .
After his hearing became damaged, Sam Dong faced the possibility of losing his dreams. He eventually decided that a perfect pitch would be his only hope, and so he goes to ‘Pil Sook’ for help.
Pil Sook advised, “Memorize one pitch and make your vocal cords remember it,” and “Since you have excellent relative pitch, all you need to do is focus on the rest and it will all work out“.
In order to fully test his pitch, Sam Dong teams up with Pil Sook to perform Jinwoon & Changmin’s duet, “Can’t I Love You?“.
His excellent performance earns him an A+ grade, and he later goes on to perform “Dreaming” at his showcase.
Impressed viewers left high praises on the viewer board: “So touched by Kim Soo Hyun’s vocals!,” “Sam Dong cried, and so did I.  Daebak touched!,” and “Acting, singing, there’s nothing that he can’t do.”
The episode achieved 20.1% in viewer ratings, according to AGB Nielsen Media Research.
Check it out below!

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Kim Soo Hyun là con một trong nhà, nếu có thể, bạn có muốn anh ấy có chị/ em gái không? - He is the only child in his family, if it could happened, would you like him to have a sister?
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KHÔNG - Tôi chỉ muốn anh ý cứ mãi là con một như thế!
NO - Not at all, I want him to be the only child!
KHÔNG - Tôi muôn anh ý có Em trai
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NO - I want him to have Older Brother(s)
KHÔNG - Tôi ghét bọn con gái nhõng nhẽo. Miễn cứ là con trai là được. Không quan trọng là anh trai hay em trai của Kim Soo-huyn. Như vậy thêm được một oppa đẹp zai, diễn hay, hát tốt, nhảy giỏi nữa vào tầm ngắm ;))
NO - I don't feeling well with girls always playing around my oppa. I just like boys so what ever Younger/ Older they are, I can accept all! More than that, because they are in a family, so they will all be handsome, kute, act great, sing beautifully, dance well - Maybe another Idol in my dream ;))=))